Message from the Director's Desk

The aims and objectives of the school are in line with the national policy on education and the specific objectives of the Anambra State government education policy. It is aimed that pupils who finish from Mount Olive School will acquire skills for the future, to help face the challenges of a fast changing world.



To achieve the objectives, facilities have been put in place, the school environments are conducive, modern facilities have been provided and still being put in place to enhance the teaching and learning process. The classrooms are comfortably and colourfully furnished with adequate charts, shelves etc. Each nursery classroom is equipped with a television set and video player and play aids for the children. Other facilities include:

  • Equipped play grounds
  • Out-door and in-door games facilities
  • A computer room with functional computers, printers and photocopying machines. An internet facility is in place to make the children part of the global village.
  • A library is in place for the children’s use and it is constantly upgraded to meet their rapidly evolving educational needs. Club membership has been made an essential part of the school programme. The Reading, Maths and Science, Debating and Dramatic, French Clubs and the Guiding group all help to instill co-operative spirit and self confidence in the children.


Spiritually, the children are taught from very young the place of God in their lives. Special classes are held also to prepare them for their special spiritual needs.


A very strong and closely knit PTA has evolved, Parents come together often on occasions like Open Days, PTA meetings, Inter House Sports Competitions and  Graduation/Christmas celebrations.


The success story of MOS and the growing request by parents for continuity for their children (post primary) in MOS led to the establishment of Mount Olive College, Umunya in October, 2017. The College is equipped with physical, educational and environmental facilities to meet the school’s vision which is to provide world class education at that level – a sure pathway to university education and life after that. The school’s goal is that students will acquire skills, competence and qualifications that would enable them thrive and survive and be the best they can be in a competitive and technologically driven world. A world in which they will be proud Nigerians, who express their God given rich heritage locally and internationally.